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Good neighbours, Strong Communities

It is time for a fresh, new approach and Jonathan Mark is listening.
Mark "X" for Mark, Jonathan Mark, your next WARD 5 City Counsellor!


  • A candidate who will listen and represent the unique needs of West Carleton - March to City Hall -- with steadfast accountability;

  • A proponent of Once a Week Garbage Pickup;

  • A believer in fiscal responsibility;

  • Believes that Ottawa taxpayers, especially rural ones, are not getting good value for the hard-earned tax dollars.  Too much is wasted or mismanaged;

  • Believes better rural representation is necessary to connect the rural areas and villages with the City;

  • Believes that the Ottawa River should be protected and cleaned for both recreational use and providing the city with the better source for its water.


    Jonathan believes that rural communities provide many lifestyle advantages that the city cannot.  The City of Ottawa should be encouraging its agriculture and other resource-based industries instead of hampering them with over-regulation.  Rural economies are not just in agriculture; we need to support rural businesses so that our villages can thrive.  Community spirit, mutual aid and volunteerism are inherent in rural communities.  Since seeing the benefits of living in the rural community, Jonathan is grateful to have chosen to live in a rural area of the City of Ottawa with his young family.
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    If you would like to volunteer, donate or want a lawn sign, contact Jonathan!

    Jonathan Mark